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Thank You, for visiting the Wound Care Shoppe for the Medial Department Store. We now offer a extensive section of advanced wound care Dressings,Medical tapes, Gauze Bandages, Support Bandages, Wound Care Preparation, and therapeutic Skin Care products. We offer a wide base of products on or website, And Encourage you to call if your product is not listed, our Trained Staff has access to hundreds of suppliers and can provide you with a LOW COST SOLUTION. If it's not on the site it ships free. Call us today at 1-800-741-1762 or By EMAIL
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Wound Care And Dressings
3M Tegaderm Dressings Absorbent Dressings Adhesive Wound Dressings
Dressings by 3M, Tegaderm,  which provide easy selection of size, shape and function. Dressing choices include absorbent acrylic, alginate, burn sheeting, composite, hydrocolloid, hydrogel, foam, transparent film more info
An absorbent dressing, that includes a transparent, elastomeric, body fluid-absorbing composition that is essentially free of hydrocolloidal gel particles more info
An Adhesive Wound Dressing which comprises a flexible polymer film having an adhesive surface. Products Include Coban, Steri Strops and More............. more info
Alginate Dressings Antimicrobial Dressings Colligen/Silicone
When in contact with wound, calcium in the dressing is exchanged with sodium from wound fluid and this turns dressing into a gel that maintains a moist wound environment.  Products include- AlgiSite, SeaSorb and More......... more info
Antimicrobial Dressings- like the Acticoat 7 Antimicrobial Dressing, SilvaSorb AntiMicrobial Cavity Dressing more info
Colligen & Silicone Dressings come in pads, gels or particles
Promote the deposit of newly formed collagen in the wound bed
Absorb exudate and provide a moist environment
more info
Composite Wound Dressings Compression Bandages Drainage Collectors
Composite dressings have multiple layers and can be used as primary or secondary dressings. They are appropriate for wounds with minimal to heavy exudate. more info
Compression Bandage describes a wide variety of bandages Short stretch compression bandages, Such as Unna boot & Comprilan. more info
Protects patient by containing corrosive exudate while reducing exposure to bacteria and contaminants. Keeps patient dry and comfortable by collecting exudate, By Convetec And Hollister more info
Dressing Kits Foam Wound Dressings Gauze & Bordered Gauze
Medline sterile E*Kits were designed to allow clinicians to provide excellent patient care with quality products, while streamlining components, more info
Foam dressings can absorb a lot of fluid, so they are particularly useful for wounds in the early stages of healing, when drainage from the wound is greatest. Products Include, Polymen, Mepilex and more... more info
Bordered Gauze protects wound surfaces and facilitates the wicking of fluid. Gauze available in sterile and Non sterile packaging. more info
Hydrocolloid Hydrogel Wound Dressing Hydrophilic Gel
Hydrocolloid dressings are most commonly used for light to moderate acute and chronic wounds. Products include DuoDerm, Medline Exuderm, Smith and Nephew Replicare and more.......... more info
A hydrogel wound dressing which is highly absorptive,  Products include, IntraSite Gel, SoloSite Wound Gel, Restore Hydrogel, Gentell Hdyrogel Ag, Tegagel Hydrogel and More............ more info
Impregnated Gauze Iodoform Gauze Medical Tape
Impregnated Gauze Dressing, Vaseline Gauze, Petrolatum impregnated gauze, Hypertonic Saline Gauze, Mesalt, Iodoform Gauze. more info
Invacare Iodoform Gauze Packing Strip - Sterile by Invacare Supply Group - 100% cotton gauze. Used for packing or as drainage conduits in wound care. more info
Medical Department Store offers one of the largest selections of medical tape and surgical tape more info
Non-Adherent Dressings Odor Absorbent Dressings Powder Dressing
Non-Adherent Dressings and is particularly of value if patientís have painful wounds, especially at dressing change, Mepitel, Telfa, EXU-Dry Dressings and More........... more info
Order Absorbent Wound Dressings, to absorb exudates and manage odor emanation from infected wound beds, Products include, Restore Odor-Absorbent Dressing, CarboFlex Odor Control Dressing and More....... more info
Arglaes Powder can offer bioburden reduction and fluid management in an easy-to-apply powder format, making it ideal for deep, tunneling and highly exudating wounds. more info
SilvaSorb Sodium Chloride Dressings Transparent Dresings
SilvaSorb utilizes a proprietary formulation that combines silver with additional compounds that provide for a targeted release of antimicrobial silver for up to seven days without harming healthy tissue more info
A sodium chloride, impregnated dressing that helps stimulate the cleansing of moist necrosis (slough) in draining and infected wounds. . more info
When are Transparent Dressings used?

Transparent dressings are for light wounds and blisters and are also useful for viewing the wound without exposing it to bacteria.
more info
Wound Wash & Cleanser
Wound Cleanser & Wound Wipes, Extensive selection wound cleansers
Wound care dressings,
more info

In this website, we have tried to offer the most popular medical equipment & medical supply products, such as portable oxygen concentrators, wound care dressings, CPAP supplies and much more at very competitive pricing.

Should you require an item not listed, or if your needs are specialized, please contact our Medical Department Store sales staff at 1-800-741-1762. Our experts are here to help you. Shop the Ability Medical Supply and Save!


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