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Scooter & Electric Wheelchair Battery Cross Referance Chart

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MK-Battery Sealed Lead-Acid, 12V12AH MK-M17 Sealed GEL Battery MK-U1, Sealed GEL 31AH MK-22NF 50AH Sealed Gel Battery
MK-Battery Sealed Lead-Acid, 12V12AH

  •  12 - 12 Battery
MK-M17 Sealed GEL Battery

  • 17-12
MK-U1, Sealed GEL 31AH
  • The U1 battery Common Battery In most Powerchairs and Scooters
MK-22NF 50AH Sealed Gel Battery

  • 22NF Battery
M40-12SLDG MK M24 SLD G FT Battery, Grp-24
M40-12SLDG Sealed Gel Battery

  • 24 or 24NF Battery
MK M24 SLD G FT Battery, Grp-24

  • 24 Battery
Invacare Wheelchairs and Scooter battery guide:
Arrow (2ea.)12V 55AH (22NF)
Booster (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
Cat (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
Cat Basic (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
Excel (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
Excell FWD CAPT (2ea.)12V 55AH (22NF)
Flyer (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
Jaguar (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
Lynx LX3 (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
Lynx SX-3 (2ea.)12V18AH
Lynx SX-3P (2ea.)12V18AH
Panther LX-4 (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
Panther MX-4 (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
Power 9000(14" or less) (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
Power 9000(16" or More) (2ea.)12V 55AH (22NF)
Power Tiger (2ea.)12V 55AH (22NF)
Pronto 250 (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
Pronto R2 (2ea.)12V 55AH (22NF)
P7E (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
Rabbit (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
Ranger X (2ea.)12V 55AH (22NF)
Ranger MWD (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
Ranger II CAPT (2ea.)12V 55AH (22NF)
Ranger II RWD (2ea.)12V 55AH (22NF)
Storm RX (2ea.)12V 55AH (22NF)
Storm Torque (2ea.)12V 55AH (22NF)
Torque (2ea.)12V 55AH (22NF)
Tri Rolls (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
Tri Scoot I & II (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
Zoom 3, 200, 220

Quickie / Sunrise Wheelchairs and Scooter battery guide:
P100 (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
P110* (2ea.)12V 55AH (22NF)
P110* (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
P190 (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
P200 (2ea.)12V75 AH
P210 (2ea.)12V75 AH
P300 (2ea.)12V75 AH
P320 (2ea.)12V75 AH
P500 (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
S 626 (2ea.)12V 55AH (22NF)
*Indicates that either battery configuration may be present. Please verify battery dimensions*

Merits battery guide:
MP3C, MPC3R (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
MP3W (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
MP1I Travel-Ease (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
SP43/44 (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
MP3F (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
MP3CF (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
MP3U (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)
MP3HD (2ea.)12V75 AH
MP3R, Gemini (2ea.)12V 55AH (22NF)
SP23 Pioneer (2ea.)12V18AH
SP24 Pioneer (2ea.)12V18AH
MP1I Travel-Ease (2ea.)12V 35AH (U1)

Pride Mobility Jazzy and Scooter battery guide:
Boxster (2)12V 55Ah (22NF)
Celebrity (2)12V 35Ah (U1)
Cyclone (2)12V 35Ah (U1)
Dynamo (2)12V 35Ah (U1)
Excel Series (2)12V 35Ah (U1)
Go-Go (2)12V12Ah
Hurricane (2)12V40Ah
Jazzy 1101 (2)12V 55Ah (22NF)
Jazzy 1103, 1113, 1143 (2)12V 35Ah (U1)
Jazzy 1120 (2)12V 75Ah (Group 24)
Jazzy 1115,1121,1122 (2)12V 55Ah (22NF)
Jazzy 1133 (2)12V 55Ah (22NF)
Jazzy 1150 (2)12V 55Ah (22NF)
Jazzy 1170XL (2)12V 55Ah (22NF)
Jazzy Pwt Seat (2)12V 55Ah (22NF)
Laser Sports (2)12V40Ah
Legend (2)12V 35Ah (U1)
Maxima (2)12V 55Ah (22NF)
Pride Jet 2 (2)12V 55Ah (22NF)
Pride Jet 3 (2)12V 35Ah (U1)
Pride Jet 10 (2)12V 35Ah (U1)
Pride LX (2)12V 35Ah (U1)
Quantum 1400,1420,1470 (2)12V75 Ah
Quantum Blast 650 (2)12V 55Ah (22NF)
Quantum Blast 850 (2)12V 55Ah (22NF)
Quantum Blast HD (2)12V 55Ah (22NF)
Quantum Blast Xtreme (2)12V 55Ah (22NF)
Rally (2)12V 35Ah (U1)
Revo (2)12V18Ah
Shuttle (2)12V 35Ah (U1)
SideKick (2)12V 26Ah (U1)
SideKick II (2)12V 35Ah (U1)
Sonic (2)12V12Ah
Sundancer (2)12V 35Ah (U1)
Victory (2)12V 35Ah (U1)
Victory 2000 (2)12V 35Ah (U1)
Victory XL (2)12V 55Ah (22NF)
Wrangler (2)12V90Ah
XL Models* (2)12V 35Ah (U1)
XL Models* (2)12V40Ah
*Indicates different battery configurations are possible. Please verify battery dimensions before ordering.

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