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Amonea Silicone Forms Camp/TruLife Silicone Camp/Trulife Silk
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Amonea Silicone Forms Camp/TruLife Silicone Camp/Trulife Silk
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Breast forms are available in Silicone, Gel, Foam or Fiberfill. These external breast forms are worn to help balance the body, and will prevent back and neck pain.

The Fiberfill, Gel and Foam breast forms are very light. This type of breast form is perfect for immediately after surgery, for sleeping, for exercising, or for an older woman who prefers a very light form.

The Silicone Breast forms come in varying weights. There are many new “light breast forms” that are 25-30% lighter. Many women today prefer the lighter silicone forms.

Several companies also manufacture Attachable Breast Forms. This type of form adheres directly to the chest wall, and can stay on for several days.

Breast forms are available in many sizes to mimic the natural breast. Shapes include Triangles, Teardrop or Assymetrical. Today, women have many choices available to get that perfect fit!

When a woman has had a lumpectomy with a small amount of breast tissue removed, a partial breast form will fill in the space in her bra. These are silicone shells with a natural feel and look.

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